Medical Exhibits


Medical Exhibits

MEDICAL ANIMATIONS from Trilogy Trial Consultants provides juries a way to understand in concrete terms what might otherwise remain an abstract concept. Whether portraying a medical procedure or forensic mechanism of injury, there are virtually no limitations to what can be visualized using this technology. Our animation experts are highly trained in areas including but not limited to:

Medical Procedure Animation – computer simulation of surgical and patient care procedures

Medical Product Animation – 3D mechanical simulation videos depicting orthopedic devices, artificial limbs/joints, dental implants and automated equipment for lab, medical and surgical use

Medical Specialties – orthopedics, surgery, forensics, laboratory, therapy, pharmaceutical, medical device, life science, healthcare, hospital systems


The process of creating a customized animation is simple and stress-free. 

Step 1:   A brief is created based on your proposal. 

Step 2:   A script and storyboard are put together. 

Step 3:   A rough draft of the animation (called an "animatic") is created. 

Step 4:   The final animation is produced. 

Through each step of the animation process, you will have the opportunity to review what has been made, giving you the ability to shape the final animation.




Med3D is an unprecedented service that translates radiologic images (CT, MRI, X-ray) of patient anatomy into actual, convincing and easy to understand evidence for legal professionals seeking to persuade insurance adjusters, opposing counsel, mediators, arbiters and jurors for optimal case results. 

Benefits include:

Actual anatomy of client

Using patented and innovative 3D rendering technology, Med-3D translates radiologic depicted anatomy into an easy-to-understand 3D video or still image of actual anatomy.

Used as evidence

Our videos and still images present actual anatomy taken straight from the original CT, MRI or X-ray image as opposed to an illustration or animation. 100% admissibility guarantee!


Certified radiologist review

All cases are reviewed and certified by a board certified neuro or general radiologist for accuracy of annotation and the 3D depiction of actual anatomy.

Less than 72-hour turnaround

The efficiency of our process enables customization in an automated fashion.


At $995 per MRI/CT scan and $350 per X-ray, Med3D videos are affordable for all case types.   

FDA cleared technology

Our software was designed for medical professionals requiring us to comply with a very high standard, the FDA.

Great alternative to medical illustrations

As an attorney, you know that arguments regarding damages and the value of the case will be much more persuasive if the jury, judge, mediator or adjuster can actually see the injuries. With the advent of Med-3D, you now have a cost effective, visually stunning alternative to medical illustrations. While medical illustrations are an artistic re-creation of a medical condition, our dynamic and engaging 3D videos show your client's actual injuries. Prominent lawyers are finding it difficult to imagine trying a case anymore relying on two-dimensional films.

Seeing is believing...

           Old Way


New Way




Med3D improves your bottom line and increases speed of reaching favorable settlement terms. Contact us today to so we provide you instructions on where to send your scan(s) and radiology report(s). Upon receipt, you will receive confirmation from our team. At which point, we upload your scans/reports to our HIPPA compliant site. Within 72 hours of receiving your scans, we will present you with a draft of your video for review and feedback. Our last step is that feedback is processed and we deliver a final video in high resolution format.  


When seeking a medical illustration, it is imperative for the exhibit to be accurate, objective and easy to understand. Medical images from a doctor’s office,  such as CT scans, MRIs and X-rays often do not work well on their own because they are confusing to view and interpret. Photographs of injuries are helpful, but may be difficult to understand and may not be admissible if they’re gruesome enough to be considered prejudicial. Trilogy Trial Consultants medical illustrators possess a special combination of artist and scientist.   They’re skilled in design, illustration, computer graphic software, life sciences and specialized training in anatomy, pathology and cellular biology.




Diagnostic films are difficult to understand so our medical illustrators take these black & white films and enhance them to emphasize the problem areas. This includes but is not limited to colorizing an MRI to show soft tissue damage to a 3D Colorized X-ray focusing on post operative hardware. This then becomes a compelling exhibit for use in mediation and trial.



This option provides your expert with a way to educate and connect with your jury by walking them through the injuries and/or the surgery step by step.


When engaged in a perinatal case, engaging this service is essential. This interactive exhibit allows your expert to educate the jury on baseline heart rate, the importance of decelerations, detection of fetal hypoxia, and other conditions of distress or reassurance as you build your birth trauma case.


Our extensive library provides a wide spectrum of stock illustrations to you at a discounted price. These exhibits have proven to be a great asset in many mediations, arbitrations, hearings and trials nationwide.