Powerful Presentations


Powerful Presentations

Electronic Trial Presentation - Electronic Mediation Presentation

Trilogy Trial Consultants features interactive trial presentation technology to assist our clients to persuasively and powerfully present the evidence in their case. This is essential for must-win litigation. Our highly trained and experienced Trial Technicians aka Hot Seat Operators are on-site during your mediation and trial to ensure that the concerns over technology, equipment, software and glitches never become an issue for you. This enables you to focus on your case.

Benefits of using eTrial include instant dynamic document retrieval which allows you to highlight and enlarge documents on the fly, in any order. Documents, photos, videos and animations are projected instantly on a large screen providing the jury with focused and enhanced viewing of every exhibit in your case.  In addition, our Trial Technicians can provide instant video playback at any given point during your trial. Volumes of video depositions are encoded and synced to the transcript allowing for quick clip creations and clips can be shown with synchronized exhibits. We can play testimony of experts and witnesses which help to avoid costly courtroom appearances. You can redirect a straying witness with a video clip from their deposition. Any combination of documents, photos, videos, animations, transcripts, and testimony can be played back to drive home your theme and ultimately, finish the case as strong as you started it.

Display Boards - Blow Ups - Trial Boards

The vast majority of jurors are visual learners. While electronic presentation is very effective and efficient, trial boards are still very useful in providing a static demonstrative aid in the courtroom. TTC can help you communicate your message with trial boards and enlargements that simplify complex subjects and reinforce key messages. Our display boards are produced with a fast turn around time and delivery can be expedited with no rush fee. Sizes vary and we can accommodate custom sizes at your request. Our capabilities in the production of trial boards include the following: enlargements, magnetic boards, mounting, lamination, overlays and transparencies.

Documents - Imaging - High Volume Printing - Trial Binder Creation

Paper evidence and records can pile up very quickly. Rely upon Trilogy to handle your printing, copying, organization and document management needs. Delegate the time consuming task of creating and indexing trial binders in preparation for your upcoming mediation and/or trial to our team. Regardless of how large the project is, we've got you covered.

Cloud Services

Trilogy Trial Consultants provides a collaborative, web-based application that enables trial teams to manage trial details and prepare evidence. No need to worry about being in two places at once…the system may be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can now simplify your workflow by bringing parties, experts, and vendors together saving time, money, and worry.