With years of expertise in converting traditional courtrooms into state of the art multimedia venues, Trilogy has empowered trial attorneys to connect with juries in a compelling manner. Electronic Trial Presentation (eTrial) creates the synergy needed for you to instantly display documents, videos, photos, transcripts, animations, and graphics at any point throughout the trial. Our experienced Trial Technicians have the ability to highlight, zoom in, call out, annotate, edit video depositions, label, bate stamp, enlarge and do side by side comparisons of all the evidence in your case in advance or on-the-fly.  


When preparing for mediation, it is critically important that you arrive prepared. Our team can assist you with a visual strategy designed to help opposing counsel recognize that you are in command of the fact pattern and are willing to invest in your case. Having a digital presentation complete with visual aids, video and timelines will help to reinforce your position on the important issues. Regardless of what the need is, our team is here to bring that visual strategy to life.